Penny’s Scribblings

To me, writing isn’t just a hobby.

It’s a way of life.

*wise face*

Basically, I like writing.


Characters run around in my head all day and never give me a break!

Plot bunnies attacking me left and right.

Sobbing in front of a laptop.

Having the weirdest Google history EVER.

Editing my stories, keeping me awake at night.


As crazy as it sounds, I like writing.

I want to give people a way to escape, enjoy a new place, and then come back more hopeful than before.

I have been currently working on some novels that I hope to publish soon. Want to hear about them?

Well, you can’t.


Come check them out!!!


The Summer I Saw Blue Peak


Character Inspiration Board



all images sourced from Pinterest


l-r top: Christian, Luna, and Grandpa

l-r bottom: Mom, Levi, and Rosemary



Aesthetic Board

The Summer I Saw Blue Peak Scenery

all images sourced from Pinterest


Check out my full Pinterest board for my novel here.




When Christian and his brother and Mom move back in with their Grandpa at his B&B in the rural mountains of North Carolina, he’s not so sure about it. It’s hundreds of miles away from his friends, the B&B is worn down and decaying, and not to mention the pesky girl next door who won’t leave him alone. But the town of Blue Peak seems to be holding some secrets, including some by his new friend, Luna. But together they set out to have the most amazing summer ever, doing everything from forming a club, hiking, and even busting moonshiners. Maybe they’ll both see Blue Peak a different way this summer. Because Christian has a different way of seeing things. He’s totally blind.


Status on completion: EDITING IN PROGRESS!!!!

*smashes head against laptop*


Casey Newman’s Guide to Being Funny (Even When Your Life Stinks)


Character Board



top, l-r: Casey, Jules, Riley

bottom, l-r: Mom, Cassandra, Kian


all images sourced through Pinterest, Getty Images, and Twitter



Aesthetic Board


all images sourced through Pinterest, Be Thee Inspired, and 123RF


You can check out my full Pinterest board for my novel here.




Casey Newman’s life really does stink. His man-child uncle moved in with his duck breeding business, his dad was shipped off to Iran for his work in the military, and did I mention? Casey just went blind due to a serious medical condition. But Casey is determined to become a stand up comedian, even in the middle of this tragedy. But with Casey’s outrageous sense of humor, his idiot best friend Riley, sassy big sister Jules, and a new friend he may have found in an instructor, things don’t have much time to get dull! Maybe they’ll all learn why laughter is sometimes the best way we can heal.


Status on completion: First draft completed and in the hands of alphas!

*nervous sweating*



And keep checking back for more bookish fun with Penny Wood!


20 thoughts on “Penny’s Scribblings

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  2. Hi there, Penny! I just happened to come across your blog because I saw you liked my comment somewhere. Anyway, I just wanna let you know that you seem like an amazing person and those stories sound good. (and they all happen to be about blind people??!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heya, Starling! 😁 Thank you!! You sound like an amazing person as well! 😁
      Thank you for your compliment on my stories! ❤ Yeppers, they’re both about blind people. I enjoy writing stories about people with disabilities 😊
      And thank you for following me on Pinterest!!!! I followed you as well!!! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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