The Star Wars Character Tag (I made my own tag HALP)

  Hello, dudes and dudettes! I am back from my trip to Naboo, refreshed and slightly embarrased that I left the blogosphere for so long. Well. For starters, my throat and sinuses thought it not good enough to make me miserable once. So about a month after one horrific cold, I caught another cold.   … Continue reading The Star Wars Character Tag (I made my own tag HALP)


Storytime with Penny!!! The Time I Was Nearly Killed By A Mummy (Or Native #whoknows)

  ^^^In this very building, beans, is where it all happened.^^^   Hello dudes and dudettes! Guess who's been behind on WordPress and blogging and being decent in general???     I'm sorry, beans. I know haven't been on WordPress as a blogger and reading all my friends blogs for a while. And my appearances … Continue reading Storytime with Penny!!! The Time I Was Nearly Killed By A Mummy (Or Native #whoknows)

One Year 💕 {GIVEAWAY!}

Hey guys! I happened to come across a reblog by Ariana and wanted to share it myself! Come check it out! (No offense, but I hope I win.)

Standing Firm in My Faith

One year of devotionals. Of posting and then not posting. Of users and followers coming and going. Of stories. One year of growing closer to God and sharing God’s word through this blog.

This is the day that theLordhas made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

-Psalm 118:24ESV

You may be wondering why I’m posting on a Monday. Actually you probably aren’t because I haven’t officially announced my Wednesday blogging schedule. 😛 Oh well.

Anyways, this is the reason why: Today is the one-year blogaversiary of Standing Firm in My Faith, and we also hit 50 followers a few days ago!

I cannot believe how much support that I’ve gotten through this blog, even when it was inactive. Ever since my cringey, messy, all-over-the-place, weirdly dramatic first post, I’ve grown as a blogger and in my faith!

In honor of this blog’s 1-year blogaversiary and 50-followers milestone…

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What To Do & Not To Do To Get On A Writer’s Good Side

Hey guys! I finally stopped procrastinating and reblogged this for my awesome friend Jo! Go check out this wonderful post of hers and give her a follow and some love!

The Lens & The Hard Drive

F31769BB-1594-468F-B3FA-44B83270F603 How we feel when we write a high action part.

Ooh, first I’m being random about photography, and now I’m being random about writing. XD I wonder if I’ll ever have a normal post for once.


So, anyway, it’s great to be with you all here. As some of you might know, NaNoWriMo, the official event, is coming up in 2ish weeks. Some of you have a head start, some are prepared, and others are frantically reading every article on story plotting they can find. I’ll trust you to figure out where I am. 🤓

But that got me thinking. For almost every writer participating, there’s also a few friends and family member who must surely think they’re crazy.


There’s also gotta be a few friends who still want to be friends despite the request (or lack of it) for alphas every other day. If you’re in the latter…

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