The Star Wars Character Tag (I made my own tag HALP)

giphy (1)


Hello, dudes and dudettes!

I am back from my trip to Naboo, refreshed and slightly embarrased that I left the blogosphere for so long.


For starters, my throat and sinuses thought it not good enough to make me miserable once. So about a month after one horrific cold, I caught another cold.


giphy (4)
Footage of my throat on Monday


But now…..I am back.

With something cool to share with you.

Today I did a thing.

A Very Cool Thing. 

I made my own tag!!!

I am rather nervous, because I have never made my own tag before, and I’m 103% sure I will mess some completely up and absolutely fail at making a tag.

But I am rather bored by most blog tags I see these days (I’m not sure what they were like back in the old days) so I decided to make one for myself that would be something I (and probably only I) would enjoy doing.




(I am SO stinking proud of this graphic – it’s the first time I’ve ever made a blog header image because generally I find them useless and not worth the time (ha still do) but I know these tag thingies generally need a graphic and it was a great chance to show off to all my friends my graphic design skillz.)


And so I have heard that such things as these needs rules? Let us begin with the rule-making.



2. Refer To Number 1.

3. There is one absolute rule: You MUST use your own characters (OCs) for this tag. (Brownie points if you add pictures of your characters.)

4. The Sorta Rule: Scream a huge thank you to whoever tagged you for this whilst treating them to a pizza dinner at your favorite pizza chain.

5. The Kinda Rule: Include This Link In The Post So That The Penny Can Read Everyone’s Answers To This Smol Strange Tag:


6. The Rule That’s Not Really A Rule But It Would Be Great: Include the graphic and tag at least three Jedi or Sith Lords.



Does that cover all the rules? I think so.




1. Who’s Your Obi Wan Kenobi? (sassy, a great mentor, but can be a bit strict)

Hands down. Matt Creighton from Heirs To A Secret.

Oh look. I added a picture. #HowNiceOfMe


I didn’t think twice about this. In fact, it’s actually scaring me how much Obi-Wan and Matt are alike. They are both sassy, have great hair, but they’re also a little stiffly strict and droll.




Also I think I love Obi-Wan and Matt with the same amount of fiery smol son passion. They are both my children who I will protect at all costs.

I’m surprised no one else has noticed this. (oh wait no one has read this book yet) I’m surprised I haven’t noticed this. But now Matt will forever be Obi-Wan Kenobi in my brain.


2. Who’s Your Leia Organa? (feisty, incredible comebacks, and does their own thing)

YES YES YES. Beck Creighton from Heirs To A Secret.


She may be cute but don’t mess. #JustDont


There will only forever be one amazing answer to this question and it will always be Beck Creighton.

Just like Leia, she might be short in stature, but she makes up for it in sass. She does a good job keeping up with her two older brothers, and has no problem delivering a Destruction: 100 Level burn. At any time given moment.



And again, like Leia, while she isn’t very loud, she is very feisty and will crush you like a grape should you cross her smol bean loved ones.

Lesson learned.

Don’t mess with Beck.



3. Who’s Your Finn? (overeager, adorable, a cinnamon roll)


He almost tied with Brody Jackson for this one. But I think Andrew from Heirs To A Secret fits this one best.




Ah, Andrew. My sweet, smol movie buff bean. He’s always so excited to help with everything, and he constantly keeps everyone laughing. Then you sort of claim him as your cinnamon roll.

But poor Andrew……he’s hiding a lot of pain too. *sobs in a corner with my laptop* (which is, also a lot like Finn too. Seeeeeee? I was MEANT to make this tag)




(side note: adding GIFs of every Star Wars character is not required but is absolutely encouraged. I’m just sort of obsessed with Star Wars so perhaps this is just me)


I feel awkward fangirling about my own characters (but who hasn’t) so I will unapologetically claim Andrew as my forever cinnamon roll bean who will live on forever in my memory as my oldest son. *sobs*



4. Who’s Your Padmé? (kind, loving, but also kick butt)

(it feels slightly weird answering my own questions)

Only two words for this: ELIN. BROWNE.

(Heirs To A Secret)


My little baby, off to destroy people.



Elin has such a sweet heart, and she just genuinely cares for people. She wants everyone to have the love they deserve, and she has no problem giving it.


This girl can take care of BUSINESS. She takes judo, and has all the bravery of Padmé and her kindness and love too.

And maybe, just maybe, a smol hint of sass.


tenor (1)



5. Who’s Your Count Dooku? (deliciously evil, extra, and sick burns)


*hits the buzzer*

HORATIO. (Heirs To A Secret)




It suffices me to say that even I’m scared of Horatio. Along with being…..well, wicked, he’s got just the slightest sense of humor and enjoys giving a refined insult every now and then.

But probably what I love most about him is how extra he is. He does most of his evilish evilly evil things just for the sake of it being pretty cool-looking on his part. Which is possibly why, while along with hating and being absolutely terrified of him, I absolutely love Horatio Davies.

AND Count Dooku.






6. Who’s Your BB-8? (too cute, everyone loves them, can do no wrong)


There is only one BB-8 on this blog.

Brody Jackson from Heirs To A Secret.


BB-8 in human form.



This precious BEAN. He is my smol son who must be protected at all costs. I love him so much oh ma word.

And he’s loved by all. (meaning, all as in the three people who’ve read this book.) But he is just so kind and sweet and literally can do no wrong. (Hence, BB-8.) A sweet, smol meatball who is like an adorable kitten.






7. Who’s Your Yoda? (underestimated, extra, and wise)


This one made me think for a while. #Ironic #MyOwnTagAndICantEvenAnswerTheQuestions

But I think, this would be Laurie Creighton from Heirs To A Secret.



(katniss, I know. #notsorry)


Now at first glance you wouldn’t think that about her. BUT, she does have this sense  being wise without meaning to be. And I think her smarts are underestimated because most people probably think she’s stupid at first.

Then she breaks bad.




So yeah. She’s my Yoda, I think.



8. Who’s Your Anakin Skywalker? (bratty, rebellious, whiny)



We are not going to bring up the characters from D.

But here we are.

Because there aren’t many whiners in my one (1) (uno) (ONE) other project (Heirs To A Secret) the only brat character I had was from the smol secrety project known as D.

So I’d say Julius from D. 


(no picture to protect his privacy)


The boi’s got issues, I tell you. I still love him, but you know, moms love all their kids, even when they’re behaving badly and like a brat as Anakin Skywalker always was.




I wonder if Julius will ever be liked by anyone. (besides me)

We’ll see. Shall be a while before anyone ever meets Julius, so perhaps he shall be dead when he actually come to fruition.

Or maybe he will be a sock.

The Sock Named Julius.




9. Who’s Your C3-PO? (always worrying, gives depressing information, constantly wailing)


Hale. Definitely Hale from Heirs To A Secret.




Hale is not fun at parties.

He’s very much a worrier (like his golden counterpart), and his has very little patience for immaturity. (R2-D2 = Wyatt Creighton)

He freaks out a lot, usually about himself.


giphy (3)


But…….it’s oddly endearing, right? Sort of like C3-PO. Unless you’re Libby May. Then you hate him. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU.)



10. Who’s Your Luke Skywalker? (hero, has been through a lot, has their share of flaws)

I’ve been waiting for this.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Wyatt Creighton.




Also Known As: Penny’s Youngest Son

YES Wyatt is Luke Skywalker!!! My boi is the MC of Heirs To A Secret and shares a lot in common with smol bean Luke.


He’s young, innocent, a tol bit awkward, and he’s got a lot to learn. And he’s got a way of melting the hearts of hardened souls too. #ForeverMySon



And I guess that concludes the tag! Now all I have to do is participate in the tagging of Jedi and Sith Lords (pick who you are in the comments)


I hereby tag the following Jedi and Sith Lords:




Abigail Harder

Jenna Terese

Merie Shen (I’m not sure if you like Star Wars but either way it’s cool)

Phoebe (Again, not sure if you do Star Wars XD)

Liz (I keep getting random vibes that certain people like Star Wars without them ever telling me O_O)

Julia from Lit Aflame



And I tag YOU too, you sneaky sneek you. If you get any sort of whim to try and do this strange tag, by all means, grab your lightsaber and join in on the fun! Let’s get this tag to spread to the ends of the galaxy!




What did you think of my tag? Did I do a decent job? Are YOU going to do it? Are you a Sith Lord or a Jedi Master? And absolutely most importantly,




images via Giphy, Tenor, Pinterest, Solar System, Mos Eisley Chronicles, Inverse, and Star Wars RP


39 thoughts on “The Star Wars Character Tag (I made my own tag HALP)

  1. *Punches the air* YAS! I WAS TAGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahem *composes self*
    Great job at making a tag Penny! I can’t wait to do it!!!!

    “Or maybe he will be a sock.

    The Sock Named Julius.” (-best line everrrrr) — AHA I knew D could not be contained for long!

    I’d have a red lightsaber – and that’s all I’ve got to say about it, good’day

    PPS. *narrows eyes at you* I CAN SEE YOU judging me! But I’ll have you know, not everyone with a red lightsaber is fated to be evil mass murderers. A Sith lord can be good..ish…sometimes….*Coughs*

    PPPS. *sniffs* and the jedi aren’t completely free of blame either! They are just as guilty as sith – they just put up on a good show.
    *sweeps from the room in indignation* XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Julia!!!!!! I SUPER can’t wait to see your answers!!!! 😀😀❤❤
      And bwahahahahahaaaa!!!! The Sock Named Julius is a officially a novel.
      And NO NO NO I MUST CONTAIN D. *shoves it back into the hole*
      PS. A red lightsaber. Oof.
      PPS. I DID NOT JUDGE YOU. (okay maybe I did a little.) Well Anakin was a Sith Lord and he was terrible ALL the time. (But we won’t mention any, ahem, youngling incidents.
      PPPS. Okay that is totally true, even tho I do not care to admit it. BUT they don’t kill as many people as the Sith….
      *dramatically flaps my Jedi robe and sweeps room in other direction* XD

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Penny you dear little folksie, OF COURSE I WILL DO THIS TAG. (Any chance to give the world a little sneak peek at my beauties will be taken, whether or not I like Star Wars.) (btw I actually really don’t mind it at all. it’s just not one of my fandoms. but never fear, I have nothing against it.)
    Also, ahem-hem, DID YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR BLOG DESIGN AND NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT?? How could you? It is so beautiful I didn’t even know you like griffins but guess what I like griffins too!!! xD 😀
    I don’t want this comment to get too long, so yeah. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AAAHHGGGGGGG THANK YOU!!! (Also YAY I’m a folksie!) I can’t WAIT to see your answers!!!
      (And ohhhhhh okay! I gotcha! 👌👌👍)

      And BWHAHAHAHA. I forgot to mention in the post that I totally redesigned the blog. Then I wrote another post later last week and forgot to mention it there too XD XD XD
      And AHHH YOU LIKE IT??? Thank you!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ (AND MEEP I LOVE GRIFFINS TOO!!)
      Do not worry. I love your long comments ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. HA. I KNEW I’d be tagged, I just KNEW it! 😀 Also Penny, what are Katniss, Hermoine, Star-Lord, and Bucky Barnes doing up there? *look suspiciously at you* (Although, Sebastian Stan is really a BB-8 in human form *cracks up and dies*)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats. on trying your own tag, Penny! I have only made one tag before. And speaking of tags, I nominated you for the Awesome Blogger Award on my blog. There has been about three to four posts since then, so you will need to scroll down a bit. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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