New Blogger!!! Collab with Ani!!!



^^^^^^Never have I related more to a guy who lived 200 years ago.


Hello dudes and dudettes!!! Today I’ve got a new AWESOME blogger to share with you guys today!!!

I happened to meet Ani by chance on Goodreads, and we got to chatting, she followed my blog, I followed hers, and we decided to do a collab together!!!

Ani shares my love for (along with Star Wars) reading and reviewing books! She already has some awesome reviews on her blog! She’s amazing guys!!


Come Check Out Ani’s Blog HERE!!!


And, we also decided to conduct a Q&A so you guys can get to know her better!!!


I’m in italics, and Ani is in bold.




When did your love for reading truly begin?


I am a natural-born reader. I have loved reading my whole life. Even before I could read, I would look at picture books and “babble” each page. I didn’t get super serious about reading though, until probably, Junior High.



Why did you start a blog?


I started my blog to share book reviews with people in order to provide them with suggestions for clean books. The benefits of reading are numerous, and I wanted to help promote reading by recommending books that I believe even people who don’t absolutely love reading, can enjoy. (But seriously—who doesn’t love reading?!?!)



Fiction or non-fiction?


I love all types of books, but I would have to say that I prefer nonfiction. This is because I like reading about real people and events since I can always learn something from them. I also prefer reading nonfiction, because nonfiction books are usually very inspirational, not to mention a study showed that 85% of self-made millionaires read at least 2 nonfiction books a month.



It’s a cold, rainy day and you have nothing to do. Who’s an author you can always turn to for a good story?


Hmmm…that’s hard…because there are so many good authors out there. I might have to say Chuck Black though (author of the Kingdom Series, the Knights of Arithtrae Series, and the Wars of the Realm Series). I have never been disappointed with a book he wrote. I love suspenseful books—and his books sure keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I also really like Susan Coolidge and Kristianna Gregory.



What is the best book you’ve ever read? (Fiction and non-fiction)


My favorite book is always changing, because I read so much. However, currently my favorite nonfiction book is Hiding in the Light by Rifqa Bary. My favorite fiction book is either The Chance by Karen Kingsbury (I am not a huge fan of romance, but I LOVED this book), or the Chuck Black books (yes, I know that is a series😊)



Do you have a least favorite?


I absolutely HATE Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller. I love dogs, and I love stories with happy endings. If a book does not have a happy ending, I consider it a waste of time. Neither of those books have a happy ending. I am not emotional; I have read hundreds of books, yet I have only cried in 2 books (and Where the Red fern Grows is one of them).



What’s some other things you enjoy doing besides reading and reviewing?


I love being active and working out, jumprope, spending time with my family, babysitting, cooking healthy meals, and listening to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”.







Aaaaaaaaand that concludes the Q&A!!! (And sorry y’all,  but Ani is totally right about Old Yeller and Where The Red Fern Grows.)

Don’t forget to check out Ani’s blog HERE and give her a follow!! Her blog is greatness and I love her reviews!!!!

(Also, do you guys have any ideas for a sign off? The weirder, the better. XD)


22 thoughts on “New Blogger!!! Collab with Ani!!!

  1. Chuck Black is AWESOME! Love that author, LOVE his books! Awesome interview, Penny! And awwww, but some of the best books are the sad ones! *hollers Wolf Hollow* And Fight Song is the best. Or at least one of the best. 😀
    And for signoff? 😛 I’m still working on mine! XD But what about, “May the force ever be in your favor?” >:)

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  2. This collab was great! Ani, I have only cried during two books as well and Where the Red Fern Grows was one of them. I literally wanted to throw the book away afterward. *cries remembering that traumatic day*

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