Ben Is Changing – A Star Wars Fanfiction


(Thank you to the amazing artist who made this fanart. I found it through Pinterest. It’s a little blurry, but I really loved it.)


Hello dudes and dudettes! I’ve been wanting to write a fanfiction for a while. But even if I were to write one, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. But I saw that Meredith had the great idea of posting her fanfictions on her blog. (By the way, please go check Meredith out. Her blog is super coolness and I love it!)

So I decided to do one too!

I’ve loved Star Wars for a while now, and there were so many options for fanfic ideas I think for a while I was overwhelmed. XD But what I settled on what a pair that had intrigued me now for a while.

Luke Skywalker, and his padawan, Ben Solo.

I wanted to write a fanfic about the days when Luke trained young Ben Solo, before he completely turned to the Dark Side.

(Also, I will forever stand behind the petition for a Luke Skywalker movie where Sebastian Stan plays Luke and Finn Wolfhard plays Ben Solo. Like PLEASE I want this more than the Kenobi movie!!!!!)

Ahem. Done with the ranting. XD

Also, shoutout to Jo from The Lens And The Hard Drive and The Journal Of Luke Skywalker (which I *think* is a real thing XD) (for backstory inspiration and help) who helped me with this fanfic!!! ❤


Or rather, this is a very short fanfic, so it’s more of a ficlet. XD


Without further ado, Luke Skywalker and his padawan, Ben Solo, in Ben Is Changing, A Star Wars Fanfiction.



Ben is changing.

I had always had a sense that he had the Dark Side in him. But I knew the Light Side in him would win out. Han believed in him. Leia believed in him. And so did I.

But now I was concerned.

Three days ago.

Ben and I were taking a walk and we passed the Cave of Mirrors.

“You must never go in there,” I told Ben. “No matter what calls you in there. The Dark Side calls you in there. And you must resist it.”

And I thought that Ben had listened to me. I was always telling him to resist going there. He had always seemed interested in the Cave. Too interested for what I would have liked.

He used to have no interest in the Dark Side.

Until that day.

I were visiting Han and Leia and I showed a documentation of part of my life called The Empire Strikes Back to Ben. Little Ben absolutely loved it. He got into all the scenes, and loved seeing his Father and Mother and uncle defeat the villainous Empire.

Han walked in sometime and said, “Did he see the part yet about who Darth Vader is related to yet?”

Little Ben turned around. “Who is it, Daddy?”

Han looked at him with a crooked smile. “Why, it’s your uncle Luke’s dad, kid.”

Ben looked stunned. And pale. He didn’t say anything.

Han and I shared a glance. I was about to ask Ben if he was okay, but he got up and locked himself in his room. When he came out a day later, his blonde hair was dyed black. When Han asked what in the name of the galaxy he thought he was doing, he said, “Darkness is my only friend now.”

I thought it was just a phase. And so did Han and Leia.

But this phase has not stopped.

But Han and Leia decided to go on with Ben’s training as a padawan.

I decided it would be best to take him and a few of my other students to the island of Ahch-To, where I could focus on training them better.

It’s strange. Because every time I begin to worry if the Dark Side is overtaking Ben, I see the Light Side in him.

Leia had always seen the Light Side in him.

“He’s my son,” she told me. “And your nephew. That means he will always have good in him.”

And I did believe her. Because I did see the Light Side in him.

For instance, once, when I was coming back from a fishing trip I slipped a fell down a mountain shaft. I thought I was going to be stuck down there, but it wasn’t long when Ben appeared and found me. He tried to help me out, but only succeeded in getting stuck down there as well.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. “Remind me again why we’re both stuck down here.”

Ben, his eyes earnest and eager, replied, “Because you needed to be rescued by me. You’re my master. And more importantly, my uncle.”

And that struck me. Ben cared about his family. And in that moment, I knew he did.

But……..something wasn’t right. I could sense it.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I felt Ben turning. As if a war were brewing, almost about to start.

But it was today that something happened.

I found one of the Jedi texts, along with Ben’s robe, on the rocks. Soaking wet.

Near the Cave of Mirrors.

Ben had been here. And he hadn’t told me.

Ben had visited the Dark Side Cave. And told me nothing.

I looked out over the water crashing into the craggy rocks of the island. It became blurry as my eyes filled with tears and my head began to ache.

Ben was changing.



Phew! That was tough. It was a pretty small ficlet, but I enjoyed writing it!!!




Did you like my fanfiction? What did you think of Luke and Ben? Would you like to see more of my fanfictions? (Ha, not likely.) What did you think of this post?


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