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Well hello, dudes and dudettes! Today I’ve got a really amazing debut that I can’t wait to share with you about!

My good friend Jo emailed me the other day asking if I’d like to be a part of the blog tour promoting her new Audio Drama Group. I’d already fell in love with their production of Izoria’s Choice and to say I’m excited about what else they will produce is an understatement.

Let’s get to know The Audiosmiths!



About Audiosmiths' Radio Theater


Isn’t that like, the most amazing idea ever? (I’ll answer that question. It is.)

And here’s the magical people behind the production!


Our Crew


Isn’t that an awesome crew? And of course, I need to add here about their upcoming releases:


Audiosmiths Christmas Chances Teaser


*tries not to explode while waiting for this*

And of course please please please pretty please with cherries and fudge and sprinkles on top go check them out HERE!!!!! Give them subscribe and enjoy the audio drama that’s already posted!!!

Below again is their mission, what they do, upcoming productions, and more info about them!





Audiosmiths’ Radio Theater is a group of amateur actresses, writers, bloggers, and designers from around North America that work together to produce dramas and release them. With well done editing, sound effects, and a lot of high pitched voices, you’d never realize none of us have ever been in the same room. Almost.

We are:

Madi, from Life Undefeated, Madison Grace Author, and Delightful World Of Dolls

Tess, from Steeplechase

Julia, from Doll’s N All and Julia Rose Author

Chloë, from Chloë Mali

Liz, from Home With The Hummingbirds,

Rose, from A Purpose Of Winged Dogs, A Doll-op of AG

Jo, from The Lens & The Hard Drive and Welcome To Odyssey

Enni, from On The Wings Of A Dream

Rebekah, from Stuffie Adventures and Tunes Of My Heart

We’re a new group that started on a random “let’s do this thing!” moment, but we’ve all collected long before in our goal to write good, quality stories and share them with whoever wants to read them, and now, whoever wants to hear them! Every month, short audio dramas, either taken from our short stories or from scenes from our WIPS, will be released for the general public to enjoy (we hope!)


Click Here To Be Taken To Their Youtube Channel (Please Do!)



Previously Produced Audio Dramas:

Izoria’s Choice

Izoria Rose has a wonderful life- until a telegram changes everything. Written as a project for Literature by Jo.




Christmas Chances

Ari Kireina, a conflicted warrior woman in feudal Japan, tries to keep her controversial traditions secret from an investigating samurai. Things get trickier when her best friend gets involved. Based on Madison’s WIP Warfare, a series of historical romance epics set in a re-imagination of the Edo period in Japan.


Hastrman, by Jan Neruda

An eccentric man who’s particularly fond of the sea prides himself on treasure carefully collected. But when their value is questioned, will he do the same of his worth? Scripted by Jo from Jan Neruda’s short story as school project.


And that’s a wrap for now! You beans have a good weekend! And talk to me all ya like in the comments below! Are you going to subscribe to Audiosmiths? Have you listened to Izoria’s Choice yet? Are you a PART of Audiosmiths?



20 thoughts on “Audiosmiths Blog Tour

    1. Aw thank YOU for letting me be a part of it!!! And it was? XD I still have like zero clue as to how to do blog tour posts so they always turn out weird. Sorry about that XD
      And you are so welcome!!! 😀😀❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wohoo this is cool! I’m gonna have to check it out. I’m not a drama person (*hides because *coughs* Penny knows me so I can’t pretend like I do normally*) but I’ll try it out. It’s just that dramas make my stomach knot and I can’t stand that feeling unless I absolutely love the story.


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