5 Things You Can Look Forward To This Holiday Season Even If Your Christmas Is Going To Stink



Merry Christmas, dudes and dudettes!

I guess there’s a lot to be joyful about Christmas. And there is. And for a lot of people, we love Christmas.

But some people, well, don’t.

The people who don’t like Christmas are usually labeled as “bad guys”. (Grinch or Scrooge, anyone?) But lots of times, there’s a lot of hurt associated with the holiday season.

Christmas can be really sad for a lot of people. Confusing family situations, loss, or change can make Christmastime excruciatingly hard for a lot of people.

Maybe, you.

Maybe this year you want to enjoy Christmas, but it just isn’t happening. There’s a lot of sadness or anger or hurt with this year.

That’s okay.

Christmas can’t be perfect some years.

But it can always be enjoyed some.

I want to share a couple things everyone can enjoy this holiday season, even if you know yours is going to pretty much suck.

And if you’re going to have a good Christmas this year, THAT’S AWESOME!!!! Enjoy it to the highest!!! But please don’t forget about the people who are hurting this Christmas. Send them a card. Shoot them a text. Don’t let them feel alone.

Please don’t. It only takes a few minutes to give someone hope.


Are you padawans ready to begin this list?!




Is this excessive? Yes. Will they all be really cheesy and predictable? Yes. Will I watching every single one of these? YES.




Also but I don’t really know why I even mentioned this point because everything Hallmark has made for the last two years has been absolute garbage. Whyyyyyy can’t we have more like A Christmas Melody or A Princess For Christmas or A Crown For Christmas?? (cry cry cry RIP) BUT, last year’s (or sometime that was not long ago) Hallmark Hall Of Fame movie Christmas Train was literally THE BOMB.COM and has become a living legend in our house. #ILoveChristmasTrain  #HallmarkComeBack  #ILiterallyWatchedThisToday



2. Michael Buble’s Christmas Album



You can complain all you want. THIS is Christmas music. I love this album so much XD XD XD #AndNotAshamed It’s so Christmasy and fun and perfect. It’s got so many great songs and it’s perfect to listen to when you need a Christmas boost!




(I’d put the link here but I don’t really feel like it. Go look it up on YouTube. It’s there.)





giphy (1)


giphy (5)


giphy (2)


giphy (3)


^^^ I’m just kidding DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE!! For crying out loud people stop romanticizing this movie it’s weird and not really that funny at all. My parents liked it (of course) but I did not like this movie. I really hope it doesn’t become a tradition XD XD XD

(Also, this movie has like a lot of bad language so we watched it with the salty words edited out. But like still I hate this movie.)

FINE! I don’t care if you’ve got the entire firing squad charging me. I don’t like this movie.




Wow. This post got dark. And opinionated. #help

But I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!! (As Libby May can attest XD) I love to watch a lot of the “classics” and also allllll of the new ones that come out every year! Do a little research. There are literally SO. MANY. little Christmas gems that you can watch and are so fun!!!


4. This Blog!!!!

giphy (4)


I know. This is quite lofty of me to think that this blog will be enough to brighten your Christmas season. But if anyone can do it, I can.

(Did anyone ever tell you that I’m very humble?)

I’ll try to post at least once a week now (and if I get ambitious twice a week) and hopefully bring you a laugh or two this holiday season. (Because I really am not helping anyone any other way. I see all my friends doing these helpful Christmas blog posts with DIY gift ideas and cool Christmas posts and I’m just over here like, “LOL I hate A Christmas Story.” #BahHumbug #SorryNotSorry #IStillLoveChristmasTrustMe)


5. The Real Reason For The Season



Look, guys. I just came out of a few Christmases that were really hard. And for a little while, they almost made me hate Christmas, just because it hurt so bad. But the thing that made Christmas joyful, hopeful, like something I could still celebrate, was this.


Guys, He came to Earth and died!! For ME!!!!! And YOU!!!! Jesus gives me this eternal hope that no matter how awful Christmas (or any other time of year) gets, HE still won. And because he did, I won. And I can have a joy that goes past a little holiday happiness. I can have Christmas JOY that lasts all year around.


I hope you guys were able to get something from this. (And if not just blast me in the comments for hating A Christmas Story.) But I hope I was able to bless some of you who are gonna have a little bit more rough Christmas this year.

Love you guys!!! See you soon!! May the Force of Christmas be with you!!!


Images via Giphy, Pintrest, Tenor, Imgcop, Tools and Toys. net, and Country Living Magazine.


57 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Look Forward To This Holiday Season Even If Your Christmas Is Going To Stink

  1. I’ve never seen A Christmas Story (never even heard of it!) But I LOVE Michael Bubles Christmas album. His voice reminds me of the old crooners, like Perry Como. But i like vintagy things anyways, and im not really all that into modern music. Michael Buble is one of the few I like =)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh wow!!! It’s a super iconic Christmas movie, but I think it may be fading out some. But YES Michael Buble has an AWESOME Christmas album!!! His Christmas sings have such a nice vintage feel to them, and I love that too!!! 😄👍

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Wonderful post my sweet daughter. BUT, I must proclaim my innocence. Your parents did not “like” The Christmas Story as you portrayed. It’s was merely nostalgic for us folk who grew up in that time….you know, when we chased dinosaurs for fun! Love you bunches!!!! Just needed to set the record straight!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hello Mr. “Wood.” Pleasure to meet you. I was wondering if you planned to proclaim your innocents… Penny has a way of making things bigger then they are 😂😂😂😂 (no offense Penny. I love you to bits)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a wonderful post! I hope you have a better Christmas this year! I’m looking forward to the When Calls The Heart movie, (at least I think I am if they do it well!) and I love “A Princess for Christmas!” and I haven’t seen “The Christmas Story”… I didn’t even know the name! I loved the last part about the reason for the season!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw, thanks, Kaylee! I’m thinking this year is gonna be better.
      And yesssssss Hallmark! I’ve seen a lot of Hallmark movies but haven’t seen much of When Calls The Heart. Except for the film they made in like 2013 with Daniel Sharman as Edward. (Have you seen it? It’s pretty good.)
      And really? Wow! I’m surprised at how many people haven’t heard of A Christmas Story…….but my parents like old movies and I’m trapped in their 80s nostalgia XD XD XD XD
      And thank you!!! ❤🌟

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re welcome, Penny! That’s great! I’m not sure if I’ve seen that one… Maybe right after it came out!
        Yeah, my Dad is a little like that ;). XD
        Of course! ❤

        Liked by 2 people

  4. And also the image you used for The Nativity is from the move The Star and it’s soooooooo goooooood you have to watch it. My favorite nativity story telling EVER. Because I don’t like nativity storytellings but THIS ONE! So good girl. So good.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I JUST WATCHED THE STAR A COUPLE WEEKS AGO AND OH MA GOODNESS I LOVED IT SO MUCH. It was SO. FUNNY. And good. And I still almost cried when Jesus was born. XD
      Also, this is random but did you see the retelling they did called The Nativity? It HAS HALE MACKENZIE IN IT. He played Joseph!!! Like WUT?! But also like he played Poe in Star Wars and so I told my sister, “Hey look!!! It’s POE-seph!!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Okay I’ll stop coz I know you’re cringing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Heheh, I’m not a big fan of Christmas movies XD
    And I guess I should now go check out Michael Buble’s Christmas album because so many bloggers have mentioned it
    Also, Penny, you are so right!! Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year because of Jesus, even if some years it can be dreadful. I’ve been working on that theme for a while for a little Christmas story! This post is great. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Really? Wow 😂😂😂 I’m obsessed with them. But yesssssss go check out that album!!! It’s awesome!!!
      And thank you so much!! I really appreciate that Merie!!! And that story sounds awesome!!! It’s a really great theme to incorporate in a story!!!
      Thank you!!! 😁❤

      Liked by 2 people

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