Hi (But Because I Didn’t Want To Just Say Hi) Here’s A Short Story (Please Don’t Click Out Because I Said Short Story Trust Me It’s Really Good) And A Smol Rant Hosted By Me Because #WhyNot


^^^^^^^^ I don’t even know anymore..^^^^^^^^^


Greetings from Jakku, my dudes and dudettes!

It’s a shock, I know.

You probably were not wondering what happened to me. Perhaps you thought I was carried off by hyenas on my safari, ne’er to be seen again. Or possibly I was captured by The First Order because I had the map to Luke Skywalker. (Oh wait that already happened.)

But nay. This is not what has happened to me.

I have been holed up in my house, doing……..much things.

Actually, I haven’t been doing that much. But I needed a semi hiatus.

(Because semi hiatuses are so not stressful.)

November has been……..rough. I didn’t even do NaNoWriMo, but it ended up being a really tough month and I needed a break.

Quite frankly, I’m still a little shaky. But that’s okay. I am a Jedi (like my fathers before me) and Jedi have powers to get through any trial.


Over the next month, I will be getting back into my groove, posting things, and generally screaming on the internet just like old times. I will be catching up on reading your blog posts that you’ve written, and replying back to comments that y’all have left me over this month. Probably not today, or tomorrow (a week or so from now is a realistic guess) but SOON I shall be talking back to you dudes and dudettes just like old times. I’m SO SORRY I haven’t been on WordPress much recently. So be looking forward to me in your inbox!! (Because everyone loves spam comments from Penny)

(Also this is kind of random but does anyone else like to read the spam comments they get on their blog??? They’re fascinating. But erm, don’t reply to them. But reading what they say is oddly cool.)

One thing I HAVE been doing in November is WRITING.

“But Penny!” you scream from the depths of your soul. “If you have been writing why haven’t we seen you on WordPress????!!!!!”

Settle down, smol beans. I’m trying to explain.

By writing I mean I have been writing in my new novel, Heirs To A Secret, the sorta mysterious new novel I have been planning for way too long and finally started writing in like November? As of now I have 30k, I think?

I didn’t do NaNo but got almost more than halfway to the goal.

tenor (1)


I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS NOVEL, Y’ALL!!! It’s sooooooo much different than any other book I have written and it’s going absolutely insane! I wonder when it will be read for alpha readers (*smashes my head into a wall*) because everyone dreads the Pompeii-esque day loves doing alpha readers.

(Also if you are interested in alpha reading for that please let me know!!!)

(*smashes my head through another wall even harder*)

What is your new novel about, Penny? You may ask.

I don’t know. I wish I knew.

It’s about these three siblings and their cousin that go on a world wide search for a treasure. It’s a book for teens (13 to 16? Or 99? I think 99 year olds would enjoy this.)

It has such adventure. Much wow.

Look at this really bad actually  cool collage I made for the characters.




Aren’t my smol bean children adorable?????

(Now I can use actors as character models if I want because they are actors which means they play in movies which means they can play in the movie of my book. *huffs*)

Also this is interesting because I am considering publishing this one traditionally (#gggggggaaaaaaaasssssspppppppp) and that is quite terrifying, to tell the truth.


Wow this post is already long.

Today I have a rather disappointing special treat for you.


In the past I have written short stories with horribly disappointing pretty good results. I wrote a two part dystopian story that I was SO PANCAKE FLIPPING PROUD OF(Also it only got like thirteen likes which still emotionally hurts me. And everyone wonders what keeps me up at night.) Even though it it literally awful, I love those dear charies in that story.)

(If you’d ever like to read it, parts one and two here.)




(Wow I’m so desperate it’s embarrassing.)


But getting back to the point. Do you want to read my newest short story? I wrote it (not really) a looooooooonnnggg time ago and was going to share it but never did.

I found this picture on (where else?) Pinterest and decided it most defintely had a story.





So write it I did. I finished it in a couple hours (LOL are you getting an idea of the quality now?) and proudly flaunted it to my best friend for her approval.

(I think she liked it.)

I don’t remember hardly anything about this story. I’m not even 100% sure what the main character’s name is or what even happens. (Copy and paste, people, copy and paste.)

So, here goes nothing…….



A Cat Can Change The World



Her name was MooMoo.

Don’t ask me why I named her that. I was only a little kid.

“That’s a weird name for a cat, Millie,” my brother Johnny had said.

“No, it’s not!” I had said angrily. “She’s black and white, just like a cow. And cows say moo moo, so there.”

My ideas were a little strange back then. But it stuck. When I was older we tried to change her name to something pretty like “Bella” or “Mittens”, but MooMoo would just ignore it. She only came to “MooMoo”.

I got her when I was five. She was a New Year’s present. I had been begging for a dog for as long as I could remember. And finally, on Christmas morning, I got wiggly black and white puppy to call my own! I had never been more thrilled in my entire life!

But we found out that very same day that Dad was allergic to wiggly black and white puppies.

We had to find him a new home.

The day after Christmas, December 26, 1998, still ranks as one of my worst days ever.

Mom and Dad felt so bad for me they gave me a make-up gift of New Year’s Day.

And can you guess what it was?

An oreo colored kitten!

Now, I wasn’t really into cats. (As you can tell from the first photo there, I’m not exactly ecstatic.) I wanted a dog, for crying out loud. But unless we found a new home for Dad, this was as good as it was going to get.

Cats are kind of a disappointment if you like dogs. They don’t fetch (try it), they don’t let you give them big sudsy baths (DON’T try that), they don’t walk on leashes (like, they REALLY don’t), and they don’t bark when someone comes to the door.

Well, crud muffins. They don’t do ANYTHING, do they??

Well, I’m not so sure.

When I was six my family moved to halfway across the state to an apartment that didn’t allow animals. The whole year before all I did was complain that MooMoo always aggravated me, and didn’t let me sleep without laying all over my face, and that she would even JUMP IN THE BATHTUB with me when I was trying to take a bath. So my parents thought I’d be glad to get rid of MooMoo.

But oh, did they think wrong.

“But don’t worry about the move, Millie,” my dad told me. “And guess what? The apartment doesn’t allow pets!”

“WHAT??” I screamed. “What about MooMoo?”

My mother looked confused. “But……..we thought you couldn’t wait to get rid of MooMoo.”

“What? No!” I cried. “What am I going to do with myself when I’m taking a bath if I’m not shooing MooMoo out? MooMoo is my baby. We won’t leave without him.”

Problem was, Dad and Mom had already decided on this move, and it was going to take more than a girl’s love for her psycho cat to change their minds.

So we left MooMoo with a neighbor who had agreed to take her in. Then, dragging me away screaming and crying for MooMoo (it took Mom, Dad, AND Johnny to pull me away) we left for Summerville.

I was miserable. Without MooMoo, I didn’t have that little thing to look forward to when I got home from school. That warm little body on my lap as I watch TV. Her little tongue licking me in the morning. (MooMoo was…………strange.)

To make matters worse, only a week after we had been living there we got a call from my neighbor that said MooMoo had bolted out the door one day and disappeared.

Every night after that I prayed that MooMoo would be safe and that God would carry her in His arms.

“God doesn’t care about cats, Millie,” Johnny said.

“He does so!” I declared angrily. “He cares about birds. It says that in the Bible.”

Johnny snorted. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

And then, Johnny saw it.

The next day MooMoo showed up at our doorstep! She was a little skinny and her fur was dirty, but she was okay!

“See!?” I cried, triumphantly holding up my dear cat. “God brought MooMoo back home!”

Johnny had to go lay down on the couch.

“How in the world did she find us?” my dad wondered.

“God brought her to us, Dad,” I insisted.

“I guess He did!” laughed Mom.

When we told the landlord about MooMoo, he just threw up his hands and said, “Well, if God brought you a cat, don’t let me be the one to take it away from you!”

So MooMoo lived with us in the no-pets-allowed apartment.

MooMoo grew up doing everything with me. I brought her to show and tell with me in the 3rd grade (you may already know about this incident if you watch national news, though.) When I was in middle school she rode in my bike basket everywhere. To the ice cream shop, to the grocery store, to the bank. Everyone in Summerville knew about MooMoo. (In a Jesse James, Al Capone kind of way, but still.)

Something terrible almost happened in my first year of high school. I was out in the lawn of our apartment, playing with MooMoo. (I know it’s not customary to bring cats outside to play with them, but then again, this was MooMoo.)

Suddenly MooMoo saw something. Don’t ask me what it was. With MooMoo, it could have been anything. A mouse, a fighter jet, a shadow. It was something. She bolted after it and into the road.

I screamed, “MooMoo!!” But she didn’t hear me.

I heard the squealing of brakes, and a soft thump.

“No, no, no, no, no!!!” I screamed, seeing a still, limp MooMoo lying on the road.

Mom and Dad were gone on a trip. So Johnny drove me to the emergency vet.

“Go faster, go faster!” I shouted. As I looked down at the still cat in my lap, I knew every second was precious.

“I’m almost speeding as it is,” Johnny said. “Dad will kill me if I get a ticket.”

“Johnny, I’LL kill you if you don’t go faster.”

As soon as we got there a woman with a curly bob and grayish eyes hopped up. She knew something was wrong.

“MooMoo got hit by a car,” I said breathlessly. But that was all I got out before she grabbed my cat and ran away with her.

I paced around in the waiting room while Johnny called our parents and dully flipped through magazines. But I could tell he was worried too. Because when the doctor came back saying, “Can I speak to MooMoo’s family?” Johnny jumped out of his skin and stood up almost as fast as me.

“What’s the matter with her?” I asked, afraid of the answer.

The lady with the bob smiled at me. “You’ve got one tough cat. She’s a little bruised and she broke her leg, but she’ll be fine. God must have been watching out for your little cat.”

I knew He had. And I also knew something else. I had to be a veterinarian. So I could make people as happy as that lady did for me.

MooMoo recovered just fine, and it was a good thing too. She was the only reason I survived high school. I took her to my job volunteering at the vet (although after the monkey incident she was banned), and I watched TV with her every night, and when Johnny broke his arm playing football, I took MooMoo to see him in the hospital. (Even if all she did was freak out and tear down the IV bag and lead me on a chase through 4 hospital floors to catch her again.)

But MooMoo was getting old. She wasn’t as lively as she used to be. And I think sometimes she was even in pain.

“Maybe we should put her down,” suggested the vet hesitantly.

“No!” I cried. “Please, let’s just give her medication to help her. Please, we can’t put her down.”

The vet agreed. She knew how important MooMoo was to me.

But MooMoo would always be MooMoo. She still jumped in my bathtub with me. She attacked Johnny’s feet as he walked past the bed. She watched TV with us and meowed whenever she heard Mom cooking dinner.

I as I was in college I took a job right away as a veterinarian’s assistant. It was hard, repetitive work, but so worth it.

But I didn’t realize how worth it it was until the day we had an injured dog come in. He had been seriously injured in a house fire, and he needed immediate operation. I helped with the surgery.

It was scary, because this was the first operation I had helped with. But thankfully, it was successful and the dog was okay.

The doctor told me to go tell the owner that her dog was gonna be okay. When I walked into the waiting room and saw the elderly lady’s face, I wondered if that was how I looked the day MooMoo almost died.

“There’s no need to worry, Ma’am,” I said. “Zoey is gonna be fine. I’ll have Dr. Cooper write up a prescription for her to take when she gets home.” When I looked up, I saw the woman’s eyes were filled with tears.

I thought maybe she heard me wrong. “Zoey is gonna be okay, Ma’am. Don’t worry.”

“Oh, I’m not sad, sweetheart,” the lady said. “I just want to say thank you. You just changed the world.”

I laughed a little. “All I did was assist in an operation.”

“Yes, but you changed my world. Zoey means the world to me. And saving her changed my world. Thank you.”

I thought about her face as I sat studying for a test that night. My book in one hand, and stroking MooMoo with the other. She was the reason I wanted to be a vet in the first place.

I gazed down at my dear cat, feeling a little ache knowing I wouldn’t have her much longer. But I smiled too.

Because I knew that God did care about cats. Because all it takes is one cat to change the world!




Okay wow maybe I should have read that over before I put that on my blog. O_O

Oh well. That is still my story child and you love all your children, no matter how ugly they are.




How are YOU? Did you miss me? (Ha ha, not likely.) Would you like to alpha read for Heirs To A Secret?

Did you like my short story? Please give me critique!! (LOL JUST KIDDING DON’T GIVE ME CRITIQUE.)

Was that way too long for a blog post? (Probably.)

I want to hear from y’all!!! I’ve missed you!!!!


16 thoughts on “Hi (But Because I Didn’t Want To Just Say Hi) Here’s A Short Story (Please Don’t Click Out Because I Said Short Story Trust Me It’s Really Good) And A Smol Rant Hosted By Me Because #WhyNot

    And absatootly-ootly I wanna alpha read for you! (Is this meta or is this meta because I’m already alpha-ing and writing a book an reading 9 novels. NINE. NINEEEE on top of homework someone give me a medal of coffee or something)
    Awwww that story’s so sweet!
    Casey wants to meet your charries but I have 10 assignments so I shall pop right back out and go kill myself with homework goodbye *salutes*

    Liked by 3 people

      OHHHHH THANK YOUUUUU!!!! But don’t worry. I guess I failed to mention that Heirs To A Secret is not finished yet XD XD XD It’ll still be a little bit before it’s finished.
      WHHHHAAAAAAATTTTT???? Like seriously HOW DO YOU DO IT???? I’ve only got two alpha projects and I feel like I’m drowning 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      But yes you deserve coffee AND medal for that. *awards you*
      Aww!! Tell her we missed her. And wow I know that pile of homework is waiting for you 😒
      May the Force be with you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yippy-yipyip! 😀 AND I HOPE SOOOO
        An lol, Just Come Home isn’t finished either… yet. 😈 so we’re good!
        XD I don’t know! I just finished the second book and I’m starting on the third so *shrugs* we shall see.
        *groans* Homewooooooooooooooooooooooooooooork whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy- ahem. I’m sane, I promise.
        Thank you- boy am I gonna need it! 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. XD XD XD XD XD
        And ha ha, neither is mine so we’re twinsies there!!! 😛😛
        That is amazing. I have no idea how you can do it. I guess if I actually didn’t procrastinate for once that would be a good start but……I’ll do that later 😛😉
        AY! Homework. Tell me about it.
        AND YES YOU AND I BOTH ARE STILL SANE. You are sane, I am sane.
        *talking to an imaginary elephant*
        Yes, Ralph, we know we’re sane.

        Liked by 1 person

    Heirs To A Secret sounds SOO good, but I STILL haven’t finished with my edits for Casey Newman *cries* I hope that it does get traditionally published- that’s something I really want to try but it sounds SCARY!
    Can’t wait to read more posts! Also your story was so cute!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. *waves at you* Hi there!!!!!! 😄😄😄
      Aww, thanks!!! I guess I failed to mention that Heirs To A Secret is not even finished yet XD XD XD It’ll still be a awhile before it’s ready. This was just me throwing it out there and getting some plans in motion XD
      And that’s totally fine!! Take as long as you need to finish Casey Newman. There’s no rush.
      And thanks!! I’m really interested in traditional publishing, although I hope it will not succeed in destroying me XD XD XD
      Thank you!!! And thanks for stopping by!! You’re comments always brighten my day!!! 😄

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Yayhoo! Glad to have you back in the blogging world….. I missed you so much… even though we talk everyday but still that doesn’t count as blogging so….

    Anyway, yes I really liked that story. It was so cute! XD So Penny. Absolutely adorable. I love your stylllleee! Have I told you that before?!

    That title is like umm… very long.

    And the collage that you made with new pictures is very good. I am starting to not hate Hale but *coughs* don’t tell him that….

    AND I LOVE READING HEIRS TO A SECRET so keep it coming. *nods* *applause*

    I hope you have a very very good December to make up for your difficult November. And like I always tell you, I’m here! Always here! Always praying for you! Have a good day and WELCOME BACKKKK!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      And yyyyaaaaayyyyy! Libby liked my story!!! I knew you did. And STOOOPPPO. You’re too sweet. I love you.
      Well well well. Sometimes long titles are called for. XD
      AND LIKE WUT YOU APPROVE?????? I love that collage, even though it is very underwhelming.
      AND YOUUUUU LIKE HALE???? This is a ground breaking moment, people ‘o the Internets.
      THANK YOU MY DARLING LOVELY. You are so bragging on my blog and I love it XD
      Thank you dear. I hope it will be! I know you are. (That’s why I’m always coming to you complaining XD) Thank you for keeping me in your prayers!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. If you’re gonna try getting HEIR OF SECRETS traditionally published, allow me to assure you that I am TOTALLY 100% in support of you!! And I’m open to alpha reading too!
    Also that short was really cute. :))))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow Merie thank you!!! That means so much!!!! And I’ll be posting with an official sign up sheet for Heirs To A Secret alpha reading once the first draft is completely finished, so if you’re still interested when that comes around, I’d love to have you sign up!!!! 😄❤❤❤


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