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Hello dudes and dudettes.

I witnessed a miracle today.

I survived to Friday.

Tis no smol deal to survive until Friday (especially on weeks like this). But I made it.

I’d say that I’m telling you this to encourage you. That it’s okay to have rough days. But I would be lying. BECAUSE TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH I REALLY JUST WANT TO BE PITIED TODAY IS THAT SO BAD????

*smooths hair*

*straightens shirt*

Ahem. Pardon my semi-crazy state. It has been an *interesting week.


*And by interesting I mean…… know.



I’m up here today to have a talented artist up here who is starting a business. We sat down with some coffee (in an electronic, metaphorical way) and did an interview with her.

Her name is Beka and she is starting up her new business, Ink Blotted Beka!

And without further ado, le interview!


How did you start getting into drawing and art?

Good question! I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. I used to write stories and illustrate them on the back of spare sheets of paper my mom would bring home from her work. But in my first or second year of university, I came across Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Tales of Goldstone Wood book series. I got into the fandom, and through the years, drawing fan art for her stories really strengthened my skills. I’ve come a long way just by being a fan artist and encountering other fantastic artists whose skills helped me realize I had a lot of work to do and helped motivate me to get better.


Where do you get your inspiration for your art?

From books I read mostly, and from my own writing. I’m not much into drawing realism, though I do dabble in it now and then.


What has been your favorite artwork you’ve ever done?

Such a tough question! I don’t know if I can point out one “favourite” piece “to rule them all” so to speak, but I’m particularly proud of the colouring on my Isabella fan art for WR Gingell’s book MASQUE.


How do you feel artists can glorify God through their art?

Another fantastic question! I think part of it is by bringing joy to others. I hope that I glorify God by bringing joy to other writers through the art work I send them. As many other creatives have acknowledged, our world can be a lonely one. So I hope that just by seeking out connection with others through art, I can especially encourage Christian writers.


Where do you hope your art will take you?

Hmmm, I don’t know if I have any specific “plans” or “goals” for this little writing business. I hope I can make new friends through it, strengthen my skills even further, get some commissions. I have a lot more to learn, and hopefully I can learn by doing! 😀


Amazing answers, Beka!

And here’s some of her amazing works of art to enjoy:


AnnMarie Pavese Fan Art 2 SO SANG THE DAWN Saoirse & Theron


Atsutori Fan Art - A Budgie's Life webtoon


Rachel Kovaciny Fan Art - Rosalind Owens


Rosamund Hodge Fan Art 1


Rosamund Hodge Fan Art 3 Nyx



I don’t know about you, but this girl is amazing!!! Her work and her business are so amazing!!

*grabs my piggy bank*

You can get in touch with her here:





Also, there’s an amazing GIVEAWAY you can enter for a chance to receive a character drawing by Beka =O =D This is an incredible opportunity and you should definitely enter! Here’s the Rafflecopter link to enter:


Here’s Beka’s bio:


Beka hails from the Great White North (aka Canada), where she reads, dreams, and doodles away. She loves bringing characters from the written page to the visual eye, and dabbles in pencil and coloured pencil and the occasional watercolor. Her dream is to one day get into digital art and save some trees.





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Until next time, dudes and dudettes!!!


All images belong to Beka.


7 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Ink Blotted Beka

  1. Dear Penny,
    Congrats on making it to Friday! 🤗🤗 that’s a hard task only achieved by those of the Light Side.
    Also I know what it’s like to have a rough day and I also wanna be pitied cause ahhh it’s tough, so you’re not alone.
    And Beka’s art is AMAZING! 😀 I’m entering the giveaway. And whaddya know, I’m from Canada too!
    Now to make it to Saturday. *hands you lightsaber so you can crush this day*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, friend!!!! Ah yes, thankfully my friends on the Light Side have helped me to make it through this week.
      And YES, it’s ok to have rough days cuz I do too. And don’t worry, I shall pity you when your bad days come.
      And IKR????? And please tell me if you win!!! AND WHO ARE YOU GONNA ASK HER TO DRAW????
      *takes the lightsaber from you*
      Thank you, my good friend and fellow Jedi.

      Liked by 1 person

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