Teenager Memes That Might Be Too True For Everyone




Hello, dudes and dudettes!

Need a laugh to get you through Monday? I’ve got you covered!

We’re back with more memes to make you laugh your head off!

Today we’ve got a lineup of teenager memes that I really think everyone can relate to.

Big shoutout to Penny Wood who suggested I do these!

Me: Um, Penny? You can’t do a shoutout to yourself.

Penny: Yes I can. It’s my blog.

Me: But it’s mine too.

Penny: Yes, but we’re the same person, so we really shouldn’t be arguing.

Me: Er, sorry about her. Enjoy your memes!



When your dad starts saying embarrassing things about you in public:




Me after wearing something nice and putting on my makeup once:




Me trying to be excited and like all of my friends instagram posts about their exciting lives:




Me listening to country music:




Me listening to Taylor Swift:




Me listening to VeggieTales:




When I post an update on Goodreads and I don’t get any likes:




Me: Okay, today I’m going to be a responsible adult.

Also me:







When people get mad at me for saying my opinion:




When my dad asks if I’m ever going to wear anything else beside those two outfits:




Most people: Oh, look at these pictures I just got with my boyfriend!!








What my mom thinks I do after she helps me with my math:







When your best friend is talking bad about themselves:




Me: Okay, God. If I shouldn’t do this, give me a sign.

God and Me:




Me: Ugh, I really need to start sprucing up my image. I should wear something nice tomorrow.

Also me:




When your dad asks you a question about the family devotions because he didn’t think you were listening but you get his question right:




When you make a meme post and no one likes it:







When someone does something mean to you and you’re mad and you tell your parents and they get mad too:




Me explaining to my friends why I say stupid things:




When someone I know in real life finds my blog:




When my younger friends tell me that they can’t wait to be 18 like me and become an adult:




When your mom gives you a long list of chores and you think she’s done:




When someone says they don’t like my favorite show:




When my friends who haven’t graduated yet tell me they can’t wait to be graduated like me:




My friend: Today someone said something mean to me-





When you’re making really funny memes but no one’s seen your post yet so you just have fun by yourself:




How close I get to losing it with people sometimes:




When I’m in the shower chatting with my characters and my mom knocks on the bathroom door:





Aaaaaaaaaand that’s a wrap with the memes for today, dudes and dudettes!

Can you relate with these? Which was your favorite?



All images sourced through Pinterest, Imgflip, Elite Daily, Reddit and Askideas.com


33 thoughts on “Teenager Memes That Might Be Too True For Everyone

  1. Ohhhhh Penny. These are awesome. I can relate to almost every single one. You’re hilarious.! No movie references this time though. (Except Star Wars, but I don’t watch Star Wars)
    The stop signs. X”D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post was fantastic. I flipping love the Arthur one, and I’m honestly terrified for the kid who’s mouth is a volcano. The story time video memes are always good too. I’ve been β€œthreatened” a few times too. πŸ˜‚ This post is gold and made my day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes! More meme posts!
    Seriously, I have an AG Doll blog. That is how I feel when IRL people find it. Which they don’t.
    My dog: Yeah, what about that one time you told me about…?
    Me: Hush.
    The DW one was the second best. That IST!
    (is so true. I’ma stop making abbreviations now)

    Liked by 1 person

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